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7. Get Your Version Now!

Now it's time for Your Real Testament! I don't how you feel about this but I felt anxious until I had done mine, especially with my sons being so young. As I write they are still very young, aged 7 months old, 4yo, 6yo and 12yo. That anxious feeling overpowered any concerns over how I would write it, but it's with thanks to the anxiety otherwise this would never have been created in the first place. My latest version can be seen here. As soon as it was done I felt a lot more peaceful about the whole situation, especially after my eldest son (12yo at the time), friends and family said how nice it was, and well-written. The anxiety about something happening to me while having 4 young children eased in quite a large way. It certainly provided a lot more clarity.

I still have to show a lot of credit to Derren Brown though, because of a book of his that I read, Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine. It was from reading this book that I was able to think a lot clearer about the whole thing: the anxiety over death wasn't because I was afraid of what happens when I die, but actually who and what I leave behind, and more importantly, when. It should go without saying that I plan on being around as long as possible and take many other measures (such as good health and doing a last will and testament with LawDepot), but this personal testament is a big deal. People who read it must have thought that, too, because after requesting my help they now have their own personalised version for their loved ones.

Below I'll go through what to do next and you'll be glad to know that it couldn't be much simpler.

It can be written anywhere! All you need is pen and paper or a laptop.

Let's start by reminding you that providing that you know how to read and write (or type) then we're 90% of the way there. Once you download the templates all that you need to do is read the content, edit where you wish and then safely store it in several places (more on that in the templates). If you don't like the sound of something you delete it, either replacing it with something else or nothing at all. If you're stuck on a section either ignore it for now or read my questions below the subsection for ideas or inspiration.

I'm basically trying to point out that it is only you that is the limiting factor, and as I've said if you know how to read, write or type then it will be get done. It doesn't have to be done in 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, just when you are available and are in the right frame mind. I had to be in the right mood to write mine: sometimes it was first thing in the morning with a fresh mind and fresh coffee, and sometimes it was in the evening after dinner, relaxed with a glass of red wine. Follow the simple advice and you'll soon have your own real testament to be shared with loved ones. It's also a very private thing to do, so you may even wish to keep it a secret, or even put it with your Last Will and Testament so that it is only used if required. Remember you can even do that yourself, using a site like LawDepot or similar, if required.

Now that we've determined how flexible the whole process is, it's time to cover what is offered to you:

+ 10-page templates of My Real Testament in MS Word and Mac Pages.

+ Guidance and Questions under each subsection for ideas and inspiration.

+ Prompts for you to fill in certain details, such as the name of your child/children and your address.

+ My ongoing support (either by email or social media messaging)

+ Further updates in future blog posts to inspire further (opt in required)

As a BONUS I'm not putting a price tag on this, but perhaps only for a limited time. I've set up a Donation button so that you can pay the amount that you see fit and what's within your budget. I'm that keen to help so many people that I'll keep this approach going for as long as I can.

Are you ready? Just click the PayPal button below and those files will be soon ready for you to download. Remember, it's an amount of your choice!

And that's it! Thanks whatever you have decided to do. Just raising awareness of this, even without going further than this page and doing it your own way, means a great deal. Far too many children don't know their parents following an unexpected loss so if this helps to reduce the amount of children thrown into that situation then I'll be ready to work on the next stage of my project, whatever it may be.

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