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4. The 'C' Word

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I didn't want to use the word but I have to admit that it's Covid-19 that's resulted in me writing this post today. I've been so busy since the last post that I couldn't gather my thoughts properly in order to write the 4th post - however, I'm in lockdown at home and out of work as a result of the coronavirus. With so many lives being lost it hurts me that many may also be in isolation during their passing. There are a lot of children losing a parent at a much earlier age than is natural. I hope that before the virus precious times were created. Sadly, I know that this wouldn't have been possible for everyone, especially in the tragic cases where young parents have passed away after recently adding a baby to their family.

Despite being in the lockdown I'm sharing the house with some crazy children. Earlier, Gabriel (3yo) decided to plug some earphones into an apple and started singing and dancing his own Gummy Bear tune, though in Gabe's case he wasn't pronouncing his G's properly and instead sang 'Cummy Bear'. He's also been mixing up blu-tack with glue-stick, calling blu-tack blu-stick instead. Another speech issue emerged and he's constantly pronouncing 'st' as 'd'. It's hard not to laugh! Thomas (6yo) is being his normal self in trying to avoid schoolwork and watch youtube instead. It's a big effort to get him to appreciate how important the work is, but he'll learn one day. He's a great brother to William (6 months old) and is one of the best entertainers when it comes to making Will smile. Alexander (12yo) has been checking out this website for the first time today and I wonder what he'll say in response.

Writing this post has been very stop-start so it may feel a little disjointed, but I was determined to complete it today.

Given the current situation around the world with the virus this post is important. I'm not going to quote the stats given that it's a bit depressing for everyone who's watching the news every day, but I will confirm at the time of writing that the situation is still bad and the amount of daily deaths worldwide is on an upwards curve.

So, now it's time for some action. This post isn't about me. It's about you. I was thinking this week how just asking questions to loved ones, and noting the responses, could be a great reference in the future. You could ask a parent their favourite colour, and where some responses will be ultra short, others may tell you not only their favourite colour, or colours, but also why. Every question could start a conversation and result in an anecdote being shared that you weren't even aware of.

My urge is to take action. Ask questions and record them. Everybody is different so you'll know what to ask better than I will. Tom sometimes offends my wife by asking questions like, "In the olden days did you have cars?". Given that my wife is only 34 it always amuses me. It does no harm.

Whether you record the questions and answers on paper or electronically please just make sure they're kept safe. They may not feel precious at the time of writing or just after, but in the future they may feel priceless.

If you take any form of action it would be great to know how you get on. I'll cover a lot more in the next blog post, but for now I think it's important to make a start.

For young adults reading this, as a parent I really wouldn't mind whatever my sons ask. I'd be happy just being asked, so in other words you should be able to feel free to ask anything.

I look forward to hearing how you get on. I'm going to write some questions below and ask my mother and/or father separately. I hope to share the questions and answers in the next blog post.

All the Best,


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