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It was Plato who said, “Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence”. I am here to help make that happen, not just for me but for all of us. Writing personal testaments I hope to help others do something special for their loved ones.


7. Get Your Version Now!

Now it's time for Your Real Testament! I don't how you feel about this but I felt anxious until I had done mine, especially with my sons...

5. Do it your way!

When given a bit of time on my hands I'm not the quickest to get things done, but finally this morning I spoke to my mum about My Real...

4. The 'C' Word

I didn't want to use the word but I have to admit that it's Covid-19 that's resulted in me writing this post today. I've been so busy...

3. Our Wills

Today I attempt to write My Last Will & Testament using a company called LawDepot. It's online-based and I can pick from multiple choices...

2. My Real Testament

This is it: my first attempt at writing My Real Testament. Believe it or not I've actually decided to write this before creating the...

1. The Journey Begins

A very warm 'Hello', First of all, thank you for spending your time to be here. I recommend reading the blog when you're either relaxed,...


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